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"Micro-credit Bank" survival gauge

In March 2014, the country's first collection of small loan company assets securitization project--Wan Jia, Jiangsu small loan ABS asset management plan (hereinafter "money scheme") release is completed, raising a total capital of 180 million Yuan. The underlying assets of the project from 7 micro-credit company credit assets amounted to 225 million Yuan.
number because small-loan company assets are many and much smaller features. In just a few months preparatory period
"money scheme" to complete the selection of small loans and basic asset of the company, and guaranteed credit and subsequent risk control design is not easy.
with the disclosure of product specifications, Jiangsu Jin Nong, a technology company has come into public view. IT in the collection of small loan companies company background cloud services, business services, business innovation, support rating function in one, promoting the development of micro-credit industry in Jiangsu province's most important driving force behind.
in fact, as the small loan industry grows, more and more local regulators tried to set up an independent third-party agencies to integrate the resources of the small loan industry, and by way of marketization operation to crack the financing problem of small loan companies, while such institutions was the industry's image as "micro-credit Bank". Effect of
from the practice, to achieve the "micro-credit Bank" expect probably much more than the establishment of an institution so simple, is a focus on innovation, the micro-credit rating, accumulating data, risk management, multidimensional, interdisciplinary structure of the complete chain. Jiangsu Jin Nong
"big data"
has no official website, nor is there any publicity, Jiangsu Golden farm limited (hereinafter "gold farming in Jiangsu Province") appears quite mysterious.
was founded in April 2010 of gold farming in Jiangsu province by Jiangsu province to guarantee company, Guoxin Group jointly initiated the establishment of some State-owned and private enterprises in the province, its IT operating system integration of the small loan company in Jiangsu Province, more than 600 companies of financial data and business information.
the newspaper reporter obtained a copy of the "money scheme" specifications display, 7 small loan company to "money scheme" sold credit equity, shareholders in the companies or management Jiangsu gold and credit guarantee Corporation (hereinafter "Jiangsu gold") will provide security as one of the means of risk control.
manual showed that participating 7 small credit ratings of AA or above. Filter the conditions include: single loan amount not exceeding 5 million Yuan, term of the loan is not more than 1 year, interest rates are not lower than 12%/year, not more than 18%/year, credit and asset pool asset-weighted average interest rates of not more than 16.5%.
"within a small loan company, Jiangsu Province has added a business, there was a bad loan, financing leverage changing ... ... Can be immediately reflected in our system. "Jiangsu King-one Executive told the newspaper reporters, Ali-like micro-credit have stores all data, Jiangsu gold farming holds all data of the micro-credit companies in the province.
said, before judgment, testing can be used in large data. And because the dynamic rating, any index changes will impact rating of small loan companies, and that the results of this rating will directly affect the micro-credit companies to participate in the financing model, enjoy preferential policies, etc.
"table can be seen in real time, the uncertainties that may exist outside the table. For example, some small companies guarantee business loans, infinitely increase the lever beyond its risk-control capability. We once found will report on these financial Office, Finance Office of verification for the small loan companies downgraded, default costs are too high, the company won't do. "The Jiangsu Golden farm executives said.
"big data" brings obvious advantages.
from the cost, according to the different services, each small loan companies pay 6,000 to Jiangsu King-system service fee ranging from $ ~5 million. Unified IT system eliminating the need for small loans companies operating system research and development costs, and intensive, large-scale benefits of networked operations. It is understood that small loan company in Jiangsu Province, thus saving IT at least total investment 100 million Yuan.
and in terms of risk, it is understood that, at present, the small loan rate best loan company monomer in Jiangsu Province reached 0.5% (superior part of commercial bank's credit performance), even the worst small-loan company rate was only about 8%.
head of a brokerage information management believes that because Jiangsu has a "big data" accumulation and uniform IT platform, "Wan money scheme" of small loan companies and the underlying asset in the early screening, late of loan package of assets rated and supervision are relatively simple, and this is hard to replicate elsewhere in the short term.
a few days ago, the Central Bank announced the first quarter of 2014 microfinance company data and statistics reports, with 607 small loan company, Jiangsu Province, the number of continues to be the highest in the country at the same time, it is also the only a small loan company loan balances exceed the billions of Yuan province.
in addition, the small loan industry in Jiangsu has been leading the industry in innovation: establish a small loan company rating system, first listed micro-credit companies that allow small loans companies financing guarantee business, launched the micro-credit asset securitization of ABS products ... ... Jiangsu Jin Nong's behind these innovations, there are shadows. Jiangsu Jin Nong
, according to the executives, next to Jiangsu gold farming will also promote the insurance brokerage market expansion. Currently has successfully developed a line of small loan companies insurance agent counter sales system, achieve incase a single, standardized small loan company insurance agency business development within the province.
in addition, he also told the newspaper that gold farming joint huatai securities launched the SME of Jiangsu Province private debt collection has been "imminent". This product will take the form of debt collection, issued for one year (or more) over the same period, the interest rate does not exceed SME private bonds Bank lending interest rate 3 times, the small loan business reach to the capital markets.