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Trillions of micro-credit financing market: local gold exchange "big business"

Micro-credit financing business, seems to have become over-the-counter market, asset trading platforms competing to compete for big business.
Chongqing, Zhejiang, Shandong and other over-the-counter market after a small private loan debt, on April 15, the former sea equity trading center (hereinafter "ex-marine unit") officially launched the micro-credit companies targeted financing tools. Prior to this, Guangzhou, Tianjin and other places gold exchange have also been racing to launch such operations.
"by financing micro-credit companies, which can increase business, mobility and promotion platform, which is now many asset trading platforms lack. "China said Du Xiaoshan, Director of the Credit Union.
the industry estimate, if full liberalization of the micro-credit financing, and allow offsite financing national financing of small loan companies will reach one trillion yuan more than greatly improve the over-the-counter market trading activity, gold exchange where you can get more customers.
However, to turn their ideas into reality, it still faces many obstacles. Analysis of the industry in the next two or three years will be the micro-credit companies risk outbreak and small loan companies can finance in different places, the current policy is uncertain in some areas has clearly required small loan company temporarily unable to cross-regional financing.
competition for micro-credit financing
small short-term loans on April 15 directed financial tools on the product release and signing ceremony, former Stock Exchange Center and Shenzhen seiren, melting the sea line, Wen Shang, four small loan company. Front unit Center, told the newspaper journalists, the first sign of 4 small loan company completed a total of 130 million yuan of funding, funding is in place.
This is the Shenzhen Stock Exchange after Shenzhen second launch such business transaction platform. In late February, Shenzhen Finance Office of the relaxation of the small proportion of loan financing, and allows the front gold exchange, front unit Centre for small loan company lending, credit asset transfer business.
in fact, some areas have been release micro-credit financing after the company, Shenzhen Stock Exchange, the Guangzhou financial asset trading center, Tianjin gold exchange and many local financial assets Exchange have been in this business.
Guangdong Pacific asset management company Chairman Chen Baoguo told the newspaper, as underwriters of the company Shenzhen source, Kim Yun-two small loan company right to return products, investors snapped up soon after release.
it is reported that the Shenzhen Stock Exchange and financial asset exchange launched two products in Guangzhou. Data shows that first the business of Chongqing today gold exchange business volume of nearly 10 billion yuan, total financing exceeded 4 billion yuan.
from a business model perspective, all these platforms there is no significant difference. Shenzhen Stock Exchange launched financial asset trading center and Guangzhou are micro-credit right to return products.
by different of is, Qian sea unit make Center the launched of business varieties more rich, points three species mode for small loan company financing: a is liquidity support voucher, applies Yu peer funds positions transfers, trading both for qualified small loan company; II is assets returns right voucher, that small loan company assets securities of, but claims not occurred transfer; three is short-term financing voucher, in small loan company and qualified institutions investors Zhijian for, belongs to directly claims financing tool.
on the platform, the platform is close. Ago sea Center said its platform a major function is to help the micro-credit companies looking for funding. Guangzhou financial asset trading center said that in addition to the above functions, the Centre also managed, audit and other services provided.