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Rapid growth has been too small periods into shuffle

Experiencing rapid development after several years of start-up and expansion of small loan companies, regardless of their own industry's development and the external environment will be more rational and standardized.
Guangdong Provincial Association of micro-credit in the recently held the first session of the General Assembly five times and the innovative development of micro-finance Forum, people's Bank of China revealed financial consumer protection Bureau Jiao jinpu, the Central Bank is currently strengthening non-deposit-taking lenders management research, Legislative Affairs Office of the State Council will also be non-deposit-taking lenders regulations include two legislation projects this year. But after experiencing following years of leap-forward development, small loans companies, regardless of the number or lending growth is slowing, growth in loans had fallen 8 consecutive months. Jiao Jin Emilio expects little credit by the rapid development of the entire industry into a stage of stable development and shuffle, 59 small loan company in the past year after the exit, also in January of this year there are 18 small loan company.
loans growth last year slowed
Jiao jinpu according to the information provided in the Forum the same day, by the end of February this year, there were 8,033 micro-credit company, the loan balance 827.4 billion yuan. Among them, the first 2 months of this year a small loan company 8.2 billion yuan in new loans, added 194 micro-credit companies.
However, such growth has started to slow, the data show, in late February, the micro-credit loans totaled 827.4 billion yuan, an increase of 34.3%, but growth over the same period last year and down 11.1 and 4%, respectively. In fact, the slowdown was not since the beginning of this year, said Jiao jinpu, loan growth has been 8 months back. Jiao Jin Emilio is expected, by the rapid development of the entire industry to stable development. South reporter noticed, while slowing, micro-credit business loans and new changes in the structure of consumer loans, including commercial loans declined, consumer loans grew.
after entered a period of stable development, micro-credit company or face a new round of reshuffle. It is reported that last year there were 59 small loan company exits in January 2014 and has 18 small loan company to exit. Jiao jinpu, exit of small loan companies are mainly three reasons, substandard operational qualification. Second, financing difficulties, no, offered to withdraw from the market and, in addition, also because of poor management, high rate, got into financial difficulties, was forced to quit, and a handful of small loan companies caused by the dispute between its shareholders small loan company is dissolved.
regulatory requirements more standard
faced with a more rational development of the industry at the same time, regulatory requirements for small loan company will be more standard. Reportedly, as shadow Bank of part, in 107th, paper zhihou, small loan company of policy to how more was concern,
according to this year exposure of 107th, file, regulatory on small loan company of views including, clear by Silver prison will and people Bank developed small loan company of regulatory approach; clear specific regulatory and risk disposal by provinces financial do is responsible for; also also provides by Silver prison will led formed industry association, strengthening industry self-discipline. Central part has also drafted a strengthening of local financial management of research reports for comments.
Jiao jinpu revealed on the day of the Forum, people's Bank in the area of strengthening the management of non-deposit-taking lenders Research Center meant to supervision of nonbank lenders have a framework and promote its development. In addition, the Legislative Affairs Office of the State Council will also be non-deposit-taking lenders regulations include two legislation projects this year.