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Micro-loan again caught in Guangzhou to survive: funding high high

Last October, called a microfinance company "Central Bank" of micro-credit loan company in Guangzhou, the first to test the waters again, Guangzhou Li Gen micro-loan company (hereinafter "root loan") became the country's first micro-credit lending company.
    4 months after its establishment, State loans to the South are the reporter an exclusive disclosure, which has Guangdong Province today more than more than 10 small loans to provide a loan of 1 billion yuan, loans at present 800 million Yuan. However, as innovation pilot, State loans still face a number of questions and dilemmas. Small loan company chiefs are reflected to the South, now establish further credits to micro-credit loan monthly interest of up to 1.3%, nearly 1 time times higher than bank financing. In this regard, takes root in refinancing You Bingjun, General Manager responded, establish loan financing is still limited, higher financing costs, but the basic principle is to give small loans of loan pricing Corporation 100% increases the cost of space.
    small loan clients are out of Guangzhou low leverage and a single financing channel has been a small loan company of a magic spell. As an innovative pilot project, called small loans by industry "Central Bank" of micro-credit loan company originally created, is to solve the financing problem long micro-credit companies. Policy requirements the
   , small loan 1:1 finance the registered capital may obtain financing from banks and other financial institutions. To execute said Guangzhou microfinance company registered capital totaled 9.6 billion yuan, obtained financing from the Bank but only 1.6 billion yuan. State loans again in the early visits on the basis of micro-credit companies in Guangzhou, hopes to establish classification standards to small loan company loan, small loan company funds shortage.
    for small loan companies, currently primarily as another option for Bank channels loans, but have not been able to solve the problem of financing leverage low. South reporter was informed that the small loans obtained from the loan financing still in financing within the scope of 1:1, and to break through the near future. "We offset business with the banks, small loan companies cannot limit the lack of financing or financing from the banks. "You Bingjun, told Nunn said in an interview.
    Guangzhou to set up micro-credit loans small loan company executives on the South reporter, last June, the CBRC issued the notice on protection against external risks borne the financing channels of small loan company was the only---bank financing were tightened. Loan set up to coincide with the end of a nervous banking loans, State loans to a certain extent, ease the microfinance companies fund shortage problem in Guangzhou.
    South are reporter understand to, despite Guangzhou financial do of Guangzhou small again loan company business pilot approach (Xia said pilot approach) only provides state root again loan for Guangzhou of small loan company carried out business, but currently except in Guangzhou within carried out business outside, State root again loan has to Huizhou two home small loan company respectively provides 80 million Yuan and 30 million yuan of financing. You Bingjun said Guangdong Province, Guangzhou City, authorities often spoken of State loans based in Canton, facing the Pearl River Delta to the financing needs of the micro-credit loans.
    into the Fund: the price is much higher than the Bank
    However, above ligen microfinance loans loans company bosses also said that after the addition of various expenses, financing costs of loans obtained from the root and then loan monthly 1.3%, compared to its funding costs for banks 0. financing costs around 7%, by almost 1 time. And the more short term, higher financing costs. In addition, Guangzhou civil veteran also said that according to its understanding, some companies from the high cost of loan financing, policy on micro-credit lending interest rate shall not exceed the benchmark interest rate four times or 24%.
    this, You Bingjun South reporters responded in an interview: "different high and low risk coefficients of small loan company, decided to carry different interest rates for loans. "To execute said current loan company for a small loan company loan pricing principles are given small loans cost increases 100% space.
    on the part of small loan companies reflects the high interest rates, You Bingjun believes that this is a kind of market behavior, rooted and then loan the money given in the context of small loan companies. You Bingjun, said current levels of lending rates currently rooted loans financing channels are limited, financing communication flow, related to access to finance is relatively high. "Some banks give us loans, negotiate offers when is the base rate rise 40%. "To execute said State financing cost of the loan was not as low as rumored.
    You Bingjun South revealed that despite opposition to credit loans the Bank has more than, but the actual root refinancing floor not many can get bank loans. There are two main reasons, one is the Bank's funds this year is quite high, and second as a new pilot, for refinancing the company's nature, understanding of each bank is different. "A business or industry-wide is it? "You Bingjun said on neonatal body positioned right limited bank financing, takes root in refinancing the current working capital mainly to shareholders registered capital.