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Small secured loan, jinnan district, Tianjin City, helping people to get rich

Li-Ning is Chai Xin Zhuang Cun town, jinnan district, Tianjin farmers, have entrepreneurial ideas a long time ago, has been suffering from lack of start-up funds without molding. Not long ago, he knew the farmers losing land in the micro-lending project, Xinzhuang town, so finding the labor and social security services center, Li Ning said: "I saw this opportunity very well, happen to be a small business like me, has no interest in a short time give me a loan, solves the capital of 150,000, solved my previous distribution of funds. "

jinnan District Government to peasants in small secured loan range. Small secured loan of 200,000 yuan and fully subsidized by the fiscal. Xinzhuang town on this basis to further increase the support, 200,000 yuan to 300,000 yuan of loan interest borne by the town government, Xinzhuang town, in accordance with the new policy, qualified entrepreneurs do not need personal loan interest rates, all by the Government at the district and town levels. Xinzhuang town, jinnan district, labor and social security services, said Zheng Yongna, Director of the Center: "the entrepreneurial enthusiasm of farmers rising from the original loan's loan of 1.5 million up to the year 2013 year 2014 up to 5.35 million, there is a new breakthrough. "

Meanwhile, in order to improve the utilization of funds and avoid blind investment, each town, jinnan district labor service centers will help farmers into entrepreneurial project approval group, helping them pinpoint. Shuang Jia Chongxi was the farmers, jinnan district staff found a entrepreneurship program in the health industry, Jia Chongxi said: "learn, then come in and do this thing, do feel this project is quite good. A small investment, work fast, are particularly suited to the development of our young people, and entrepreneurship. "

it is understood that this year, jinnan district, will further expand the audience of small secured loan, District personnel outside into the scope of application, initial loan amount was increased from 50,000 yuan to 100,000 yuan to 300,000 yuan. While mitigating the security threshold, the village collective houses included in the secured area, encouraged peasants ' entrepreneurship.