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Five initiatives innovative micro-lending model

this year, the innovative micro-lending model human social insurance office, Heping District, Tianjin, high solve loan threshold, handling complex problems, enabling more workers start their own businesses. Is implementation of the "one-stop" service, you will need small loans entrepreneurs simply to promote entrepreneurship loan guarantee Center, you can loan once concluded, speed increase of period of 1 month from the past to the present in 7 working days. Second, expanding the scope of lender, in register of enterprises of the region or the person who has a residence in the area, including blue print of household registration and the acquisition of real estate personnel in the field, are eligible to apply for loans. Three is the introduction of college students ' credit guarantee for loans of 50,000 yuan of fresh college students, canceled the counter guarantee measures, attempts to implement personal guarantee of financial products. Four is the right to information, and lenders provide loans needed original material, scanned by the Security Center, changed borrower needs dozens of pages of copy, move several departments. Five is to introduce competition mechanisms, select two or more banks in charge of petty secured loans work, establish competition mechanism, prompted financial institutions to simplify procedures, improve efficiency, Bank lending by fast is now 4 days within the past 20 days.

it is understood that this year the area has lent small loan of 12 million Yuan, 70 people succeed in business, led more than 300 people employed.