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Sustainable development of the micro-credit companies to reduce the cost of financing

  Reduce the financing costs of small loan companies, the most important is the need to reduce the unreasonable costs accounted for the bulk of revenue. Aside to serve medium and small micro-enterprise financial institutions need to offer policy support, even from the point of view of fair competition, equal treatment in accordance with the fair tax rules, as well as taxes on small-loan company make the necessary adjustments, in accordance with the general tax rules for banks, taking into account the interest on their capital costs, determines its tax base.
in recent years, small loan companies have sprung up to emerge, they effectively filled the banks can not cover the gap between supply and demand, strong financing for medium and small micro-enterprise support.
key to solve the financing problems of medium and small micro-enterprises is to reduce the cost of financing, to make these small businesses access to low-cost funds, and reduce barriers to investment and entrepreneurship, effectively releasing a large number of potential demand. The majority of SMEs are small thin, even though some have potential of the enterprise, in the start-up phase is unremarkable. As long as the financing exceeds the expected profitability of the enterprise, that is, each increase in the rate of financing of 1%, it will block the entry of a large number of small businesses.
in order to effectively contribute to a large number of small enterprises in the start-up, development and growth, and reduce the cost of financing is a key. However, the problem is in small micro-enterprises ' financing costs are very high, and the reasons are well known. So, how to solve this problem? Open markets, promote greater financial supply main, you can solve this problem to some extent. Small loan company is in such a context.
micro-credit companies can reduce the cost of financing it? Even a large number of small loan companies, they can increase the supply of finance to solve this problem? Therefore, it is necessary for us to look at the micro-credit the company's cost structure.
a small loan company case in Fujian: established in January 2010, registered 300 million in 2012, the capital increase to 630 million Yuan, Fujian is the scale and registered the largest company of its kind, is also China's small loan company Executive Director units. Established over the years, the cumulative tax paid 70 million yuan in 2012, more than 30 million Yuan. Tax burden is 5% sales tax and education surcharges from a point, the biggest head is income tax. Different from other industries, this kind of enterprise capital came in the absence of any deductible, are the tax base could not be expensed costs, actual costs include staff salaries, house rent, advertising and the like, up to more than 10 million Yuan. Corporate income tax 25%, a heavy financial burden. Dividends again after deduction of 20% personal income tax double tax deduction.
learned through the investigation, in the cost of financing, the company's biggest cost is taxes, reached more than 30 million Yuan, the additional cost of 15 million Yuan, including advertising less than 1 million Yuan, rent and electricity costs about 300,000 yuan, the total cost of 45 million Yuan, and total loans of more than 2 billion yuan a year. Loans with an average interest rate of 1.8%-1.9%. Down to total receipts after deduction of taxes and labor costs to almost nothing. Fortunately, CDB's funds subsidies, so that shareholders could get returns of more than 10%, or unsustainable.
therefore, in small loans in the company's total costs, taxes account for about 2/3, which is one reason small-loan companies ' financing costs remain high. In addition to the above cases, according to a survey we know, almost all the micro-credit companies have such problems, but to varying degrees.

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