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(1) loan interest rate higher than that of financial institutions ' lending rates, but lower than the average level of interest rates on private loans. Many provincial and municipal regulations: microfinance companies operate according to market principles, loan interest rate cap to let go, but not more than 4 times times the benchmark interest rate published by the people's Bank of China loan; minimum lending interest rate of 0.9 times times independently determine specific floating range in accordance with market principles. Judging from the pilot micro-credit company interest rate, loan interest rate according to different customer information, status, duration of loan, mortgage or credit rating differential rates to people based on the Bank's benchmark interest rate, the interest rate level of rural credit cooperatives in the region to determine.

(2) on the loan, set out in the guidance on pilot small-sum loan company: contracts related to loan and loan repayment terms, by both lenders and borrowers according to law in a fair principle of voluntary consultation. Microfinance companies in loan taken on credit loans or guaranteed loans, mortgage loans and mortgage loans.

(3) on the loan, micro-credit lending company adhere to the "small, decentralized" principles, encouraging micro-finance companies provide credit service to farmers and small-business-oriented and strive to expand the number of customers and service coverage. A microfinance company loans to the same borrower should not exceed 5% of the net assets of the company, for a single group of enterprise customer's credit balance shall not exceed 15% of the net assets.

(4) on the loan term, loan terms by both lenders and borrowers of a microfinance company fair and voluntary negotiations. From the beginning of 2005, according to the people's Bank of China, Shanxi, Sichuan, Guizhou, Shaanxi, Inner Mongolia, five provinces (regions) of private capital management, "credit was not present" the commercialization of microfinance, microfinance companies mainly in the three-month short-term loans and a six-month period, the short-term loans accounted for more than 70%. More than one year (including one year) loans accounted for only about 30%.